We can repair/restore any of the old Apogee models, in order of release:

Full Range (The Apogee)
Duetta ( I, II and Signature)
Caliper (Signature)
Stage (mid/tweeter only at present)
Centaur range * 
Slant range *

* Mid/tweeter supply/replacement only, drop in replacement bass units no longer available.

Duetta I and II series, and Calipers can be upgraded to Signature status with new ribbons and crossovers, 

A rebuild is much more than just a fix for the common problems of the 25+ year old Apogees, namely breakdown of the damping foam on the bass panels. This causes resonances on heavy bass transients to kazoo type effect on vocals.

Also the mid/tweeters lose tension over time and the treble response can be greatly curtailed.

The breakdown is a slow process so even if you owned the speakers from new you probably don't realise how much potential you are missing.

Once rebuilt they can compete with speakers at many times their price, and in some areas outperform even the best speakers available regardless of price.

A "normal" restoration would involve stripping down the speakers and first checking for manufacturing errors such as misaligned magnets in the bass arrays which hamper performance and reduce the efficiency. As Apogees were hand made sometimes there are other errors which we correct so the panels are aligned very accurately over the magnet grid.
The result of this and the improved damping material means that the speakers are able to play bass transients with much more force and authority, a number of people have commented it's as if the efficiency has been increased and the speaker is able to play music that was literally unplayable before.

The new KLM5 mid/tweeters provide far greater detail, resolution and dynamic performance over the original Apogee ribbons, these combines with updated simplified crossovers give an amazingly lifelike mid and treble.

New panel parts are sourced from from Apogee Acoustics (Graz).

Crossovers are rebuilt and updated, generally with Mundorf foil inductors and Clarity Caps.

We offer a door-to-door pickup and delivery service where transporting is not an option due to lack of suitable transport or original boxes

A recent restoration below, these are Duetta Signatures with custom made outboard crossovers with granite and resin damping added inside the crossover, and damping and structural reinforcement inside the speakers.
Covers are finished in 2k paint and laquer.
(The owner commissioned the granite base plinths from specifications given by ourselves)