Equinox Dual mono stereo power amplifier

Built using a fully discrete class A JFET gain stage and Hypex class D output stage.

Why Hypex Class D for the output stage? Well, they have the benefit of being able to drive down to a 2 ohm load and provide up to 400 wpc with very little waste heat and virtually no distortion.
So, no massive ankle shredding heatsinks needed, also they won't run up your electric bill if you like leaving your amps on as we do.

We started with the Hypex modules over a year ago for a different project, but quickly realised they showed a lot of promise. We like many other people had an audiophile prejudice (for no real reason) against Class D in general. All the other types we had heard sounded good but didn't involve us in the music as a good amp should.

So we started work to build a gain stage to drive directly into the Hypex module. Over the past year we learnt a lot about what works and what doesn't.

We chose the class A JFET input stage as it simply gave the best sound by far. JFET's have the benefit of a distortion spectrum similar more to tubes than solid state. Tonally rich, fast and involving so you forget you are listening to gear and enjoy the music.

It wasn't an easy process, especially the amount of time it takes to match JFET's to a higher tolerance than normal which lowers distortion and improves tone and soundstage.

The class A power supply for the JFET stage would probably be considered overkill, but again after listening to many options it simply sounded as if all the other styles of regulated supplies were causing half the music to be lost.

The end result, good recordings sound fantastic and less than stellar recordings are still enjoyable as the amp lets the performance shine through.

The amps will be built by hand to order and quality parts are used throughout, chosen by ear.

250W RMS 8Ω / 400W RMS 4Ω
Size (wxhxd) 43 x 10 x 35cm approx.
Weight 20kg
Available in silver or black

Pictures coming soon.