Apogee Centaur MinorCentaur Minor

The Centaur Minor was Apogee's first and smallest ribbon hybrid when it was released in 1991. Also the cheapest yet Apogee at 1150 in the UK, and a similar price in $'s in the US.

At 100cm tall, 35cm wide and 22cm deep, its footprint is no bigger than a stand mounted mini-monitor speaker.

The 26" (6 element) etched ribbon tweeter is the same version which is used in the later model of the Stage.

The 6.5" dynamic cone woofer is in a long rectangular enclosure set towards the outside of the speaker so the dipole ribbon fires into 'free air'. It is positioned at a height which is the mid-point of the ribbon tweeter, it can just be seen behind the (hard to remove) grill.



100 cm


35 cm

Depth 22 cm

Bass driver

6.5" Dynamic cone


26" Aluminium/Kapton ribbon (etched 6 segment)

Max Sound Level


Sensitivity @ 3m


Frequency response

40Hz (-3dB) to 20kHz

Suggested amp power

50W (8 ohm load)

Crossover frequency 800Hz

Impedance nominal/minimum

6/4 ohms


52lbs each

Finishes available

Silver grey

Price at time of first sale (1991)

$1200 / 1150