Apogee Perseus L/C/RPerseus L/C/R

The Perseus Ribbon LCR (Left/Center/Right) has a corrugated 4" ribbon driver mounted in the middle flanked by a pair of 6.5" port-loaded cone woofers. The ribbon is built into a square mounting box and can be unscrewed and rotated by 90 degrees.
In one position you have a classic D'Appolito configuration, which can be mounted horizontally above or below the monitor or screen. The other way, it can be positioned vertically to the sides of the screen, for front channel use as shown on the left. The back of the speaker houses two pairs of gold-plated metal binding posts, allowing bi-wiring or bi-amping. The woofer port is located on the rear and a foam plug is supplied if you wish to partly plug the port to reduce the bass output.



24 inches


9.5 inches

Depth 11.5 inches

Bass driver

2 x 6.5" port loaded dynamic woofers


4" rotatable ribbon tweeter

Max Sound Level


Sensitivity @ 3m


Frequency response

45Hz (-3dB) to 20kHz

Suggested amp power

50W (8 ohm load)

Impedance nominal/minimum

6/4 ohms


40lbs each

Finishes available

Black, veneer finish extra $100

Price (1996)