Apogee Studio GrandStudio Grand

The Studio Grand is a Studio Ribbon Array, (less the bottom crossover box section) mated with a matched subwoofer. For shipping the two sections were boxed separately, the Ribbon Array was then fixed by bolts to the subwoofer. The subwoofers grille covers the front bolt points.

The system was supplied with a specific dedicated active crossover (DAX) to split the signals for the subwoofer and Ribbon Array.

Connections are made via the back of the subwoofer, these are; subwoofer, ribbon bass panel and midrange/tweeter ribbon. You would therefore need 3 pairs of speakers cables to wire up a pair of Studio Grands.

Also because the subwoofer and Ribbon Array have to be powered individually, you would need 4 channels of amplification; hence 2 stereo amps, 4 monoblocks, or a stereo amp and 2 monoblocks.



73 inches


28" base 24" top

Depth 25" (subwoofer) 
Subwoofer drivers

2 x 10" Vifa 


5 element Aluminium/Mylar (etched)

Ribbon bass Dual sandwich Aluminium/Mylar (etched)

Max Sound Level


Sensitivity @ 3m


Frequency response

20Hz (-3dB) to 25kHz

External crossover sub to panel 50Hz

Suggested amp power

100W (8 ohm load) 4 channels needed

Impedance nominal

3 ohms


180lbs each

Finishes available

Black Sand, Oak, Mahogany or Black Hi-Gloss finish

Price at time of first sale (1990)

$12595-15,595 depending on finish