Apogee ScintillaScintilla

Apogee's second speaker after the Full Range, was, and probably still is one of the hardest speakers to drive properly.

The early Scintillas were were configurable for a 1 or 4ohm load, the later models were 1ohm only (from 1987 approximately). While the 4ohm setting on the earlier models made the Speaker considerably easier to drive, according to the reviewers in doing so lost some of it's "magic".

They two models can easily be identified:
The 1 and 4ohm model has cuts in the bass panel spaced approx " apart measured vertically.

The 1ohm only model has cuts spaced approx 1" apart (double the normal cut spacing) - as the picture above.

The 1ohm setting is very vicious indeed, it has been reported to me that a Krell 250a (the recent "cheap" power amp from Krell) expired whilst trying!

Not as big as the Full Range but still they dominate a room, especially as they require considerable 'free air' around them so as not to sound bass heavy. The speakers are unusual as they have one midrange but four tweeter elements. The tweeter elements are arranged either side, about " in front and behind the 2" wide midrange ribbon in a cardoid arrangmemt..

Still considered by some to be one of the best speakers in terms of vocal reproduction with crystal clear treble and very well extended bass, reaching a true 20Hz in test. 





83cm at base tapering to 74cm

Depth 9cm

Bass driver

Aluminium/Kapton panel (hand cut)


2 inch wide aluminium foil


2 x half inch wide aluminium foil

Max Sound Level



79dB in 4 ohm / 85dB in 1 ohm

Frequency response

20Hz (-6dB) to 20kHz

Suggested amp power


Impedance nominal

1 or 4ohms - start of production until 1996/7 1ohm only afterwards


180lbs each

Finishes available

Light grey, Anthracite, or Taupe

Price (1985)

$3500 / 5000